September 12th, 2015

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Will I need to bring my own computer?

We will have a limited number of legacy laptops available on a first come first serve basis, therefore, each player is highly encouraged to bring their own laptop computer.

Will I need to install anything on my computer?

You will have three options to log into the Hackathon sandbox. You will not need to install any additional software on your computer unless you choose to login using Vsphere client, which is provided free from vmware.

While participation in the competition will my computer be damaged or get malware?

The competition is held in an isolated virtual environment. Once you log into the competition you will be using our virtual computers to attack our vulnerable computers within the environment. This ensures you can use all the tools available without modifying your personal computer.

laptopoptionsHow does the competition work?

You will log into our virtual environment and use a virtual machine to attack vulnerable computers. During the competition you will find flags which are labeled as such. Once you find a flag you will submit it to the scoring engine to receive points. Most of the problems you will encounter can be solved using an internet search tool, such as google search and the use of creative thinking. The black team will be on site to answer additional questions and guide you through the process.

What if I do not have experience using penetration testing tools or have not done anything like this before?

You do not have to worry. There will be staff on hand that will guide you through the necessary steps to help you solve any problems you might run into and provide you with the necessary information to capture the flags.  Additionally, we will supply the labs to get you started and setup to begin the competition.

What does the environment for the competition look like?