October Recap

A lot of cool stuff happened in October. We hosted a few Cyber Security Tools Classes to introduce new members to some of the programs that would be needed to compete in the NCL. We competed in the NCL Preseason between October 22-28 and Game 1 of the Regular Season on October 31. If you didn’t have the chance to attend the classes, come up to the lab anytime and one of our experienced members can teach you.

Some of us attended Security BSides LA on October 15 and 16, and ToorCon: San Diego from October 23-25. BSides LA and ToorCon were a lot of fun, I hope that more members with attend conventions in the future. It’s a great place to learn about recent cyber security topics, and network with professionals in the field.

Applications for STEM Advantage and HACU NIP were due on Friday, October 30. I hope everyone was able to turn in their applications. STEM Advantage is a great program and opportunity for us here at CSUDH. The October 30 deadline for HACU was for consideration for U.S. Intelligence Community internships. There is a deadline of February 15, 2016 for internships that do not require a security clearance.

For newer members and those that are unaware of the TCSL lab hours:

Fall 2015 Lab Hours

Monday: 9am – 2pm & 4pm – 6pm
Tuesday: 9am – 5pm
Wednesday: 9am – 2pm & 4pm – 7pm
Thursday: 9am – 5pm
Friday: 11am – 5pm
Saturday: Call Ahead
Sunday: Closed

  • The lab may be open outside of these hours, but it is not guaranteed. It is highly recommended that you call ahead to ensure the lab is open.
  • Lab Phone: (310) 243-2417.


NCL – http://www.nationalcyberleague.org/
Game 2 of the Regular Season with take place on Saturday, November 14. This will be similar to Game 1, but the challenges will be more difficult. The NCL Post Season National Championship Game with take place after Game 1 & 2, from December 5-12. The National Championship Game is a team competition. Teams will include 5 to 10 people, and we can have multiple teams. In order to participate in the National Championship Game, you must have played in the Preseason and both regular season games.

WRCCDC – http://www.wrccdc.org/
We had 9 members attended the first virtual invitational on October 10, and the second virtual invitational will be held November 7. If you are interested in joining the Toro Cyber Defence Team and competing at the WRCCDC, come by the lab and inquire about joining us for the next invitational, we are always looking for skilled individuals.

Cyber King of the Hill Competition
On Saturday, November 21, we will be hosting a Kill of the Hill competition. This is similar to a Cyber Capture the Flag, but instead of hacking into a system and completing preassigned tasks and earning points, like the NCL, you will be hacking into a system, planting your “flag”, then defending the system from other players, while your flag scores you points.


We are still looking for members that would like to take a leadership role in the Cyber Security Club. The club is looking for a chairperson for the following committees: Cyber Security Conference Committee, Fundraising Committee, and Membership Committee. For more details please send us an email.

Cyber Security Conference

Every year the Cyber Security Club hosts our own conference, with guest speakers and workshops. Normally, we host this conference in October, but due to that month being so busy without trying to host a conference, we have decided to host it in the month of April. This will give us a lot more time to plan out the event. If you would like to help us put this conference together, your help would be greatly appreciated. Please come into the lab, or send us an email.

CyberPatriot Program

AFA CyberPatriot – https://www.uscyberpatriot.org/

We are still looking for people who would like to join the CyberPatriot program.

The below section is a reprint from the October Newsletter.

CyberPatriot is the National Youth Cyber Education Program. At the center of CyberPatriot is the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition. The competition has teams of high school and middle school students in the position of newly hired IT professionals tasked with managing the network of a small company. In the rounds of competition, teams are given a set of virtual images that represent operating systems and are tasked with finding cyber security vulnerabilities within the images and hardening the system while maintaining critical services in a six hour period. Teams compete for the top placement within their state and region, and the top teams in the nation earn all-expenses paid trips to Baltimore, MD for the National Finals Competition, where they can earn national recognition and scholarship money. -Season has already begun. Not sure if it’s too late to become a mentor or not.

Coming in December

Not much is planned for the month of December for the Cyber Security Club for now. Too many finals to worry about.


Recap of events in October: NCL classes, Preseason and Game 1, conferences, and internship applications (STEM Advantage & HACU NIP). For November: The NCL Season is active, WRCCDC practice competitions are live, a campus-hosted hacking competition is in pursuit and we’re still looking for peeps to help us out. And finally, look forward to winter break because there’s not a whole lot going on.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions do not hesitate to reach out to us through email or in person. Our doors are always open to those who wish to learn or become more involved.

Toro Cyber Security Lab
LIB 5717
(310) 243-2417