The Computer Science Department recommends the following laptop computer configurations for students.  There are minimum and recommended requirements.  While the minimum requirements will run software required for courses, the recommended configuration will give students a better experience running the software.

Windows 10 is the recommended Operating System.  If Linux or MacOS is the primary Operating System, then dual booting Windows 10 or running Windows 10 in a virtual environment is required.  VMWare Workstation (Windows, Linux) and VMWare Fusion (MacOS) is provided free of charge to Computer Science students.

Processor Type Minimum: Core i5 6th Generation
Recommended: Core i7 Current Generation
Memory Minimum: 8Gb
Recommended: 16Gb
Hard Drive Minimum: 250Gb SSD or 500Gb HDD
Recommended: 500Gb SSD or 1Tb HDD
Solid State Drives (SSD) will give the best performance.
Optical Drive Optional
Graphics Card Discrete Graphics Card Recommended for 3D Game Programming
Operating System Windows 10 64bit Home or Pro Edition