CSC 490 01 Senior Seminar

Fall 2005


All Final Drafts of the presentations and reports are due Tuesdays May 11, 2004.










Student Research Day


ANNOUNCEMENTS and the Semester Schedule

Tuesday: 11/01/05

Technical Research Presentations are due


Tuesday: 10/25/05

          Review of coverage for the next week’s Technical Research Presentations

          Those who did not get to present the previous week will present their work also


Tuesday: 10/18/05

Presentations on in depth Research Topics are due


Tuesday: 10/11/05

          Abstracts for Student Research Day are due


Tuesday: 10/04/05

          Research presentations on Computer Ethics are due


Tuesday: 09/27/05

          Research ideas on Computer Ethics are due

          The research presentations of students who did not present their work last week


          Submission of a proposal for Student Research Day (refer to the Downloads section above)


                             All CSC 490 students are required to submit an abstract/paper.


Student Research Day - Call for Papers

November 10, 2005
Extended Education Theatre

Deadline for Submission
5pm Friday, October 14, 2005

The annual CSUDH Student Research Day provides a unique opportunity for graduate and undergraduate scholars to share their research or creative projects within a supportive community of peers and faculty interested in promoting scholarship and dialogue focused on the intellectual pursuits of academic work. Undergraduate students anticipating graduate work at either the master's or doctoral levels are especially invited to participate. Based upon an evaluation of presentations, up to 10 students will be invited to present at the annual CSU Statewide Student Research Competition.

For more information see the Student Research Day web site.


Tuesday: 09/20/05

Scheduled to meet on Monday 09/19/05 at 1:00 – 2:30 PM

          Research presentations are due

                   Written Report – 5 to 7 pages

                             Cover page

                             Easy to read

                                      Introduction, Sections/subsections (numbered and labeled) Summary, References, Citations

                   Power Point Presentation – 10 to 15 slides

                                      15 minutes presentation

                                      Hard copy of the presentation (6 slides per page)

                                      Have your presentation well structured

                                                First page: title, name, etc.

                                                Second Page: Overview/outline/agenda

                                                Body of your presentation

                                                related research topics 



Tuesday: 09/13/05

          Research work

          Finalizing the presentation topic (through communications)        


Tuesday: 09/06/05

Self presentations are due

          10 minutes

          Hard copy of the presentation (6 slides per page)


Tuesday: 08/30/05


          Send me an email