CSC 490 01 Senior Seminar

Fall 2006


All Final Drafts of the presentations and reports are due Tuesdays May 11, 2004.










Student Research Day


Student Research Day Schedule




ANNOUNCEMENTS and the Semester Schedule


Thursday: 12/07/06

Project V Component three due

Full written paper


Thursday: 11/30/06

Project V Component two due



Thursday: 11/16/06

Project V Component one due

Full Presentations


Student Research Day Conference The presentation schedule is under downloads (above)


Thursday: 11/02/06

Progress report on project V

4 slide presentation about what you are planning to do for project V


Project V has three delivery components:


Written paper, and



Selected Topics for Project V:

Date Student Topic

9/21/06 Charles Padilla Cluster Computing

9/25/06 Woodroe Thomas Access Grid/Data Grid

9/27/06 Winston Lynch Fuzzy Logic



Thursday: 10/26/06

Project IV due

Three topic presentation

Selection of topics for project V


Thursday: 10/05/06

Submission of a proposal for Student Research Day (refer to the Downloads section above)

Research Porject Due (Proj. III)

Paper and presentation


All CSC 490 students are required to submit an abstract/paper.

Student Research Day - Call for Papers

November 16, 2006
Extended Education Theatre

Deadline for Submission
5pm Friday, October 16, 2006

The annual CSUDH Student Research Day provides a unique opportunity for graduate and undergraduate scholars to share their research or creative projects within a supportive community of peers and faculty interested in promoting scholarship and dialogue focused on the intellectual pursuits of academic work. Undergraduate students anticipating graduate work at either the master's or doctoral levels are especially invited to participate. Based upon an evaluation of presentations, up to 10 students will be invited to present at the annual CSU Statewide Student Research Competition.

For more information see the Student Research Day web site.


Thursday: 10/28/06

Research Project Outline and title is due (Proj. III)

Submitted Topics for Proj III:

Date Student Topic

9/21/06 Charles Padilla Computer Security

9/25/06 Woodroe Thomas Neural Networks

9/27/06 Winston Lynch XML




Neural Networks

1       Introduction. 3

2       Neural networks and Artificial intelligence. 3

3       Background. 3

3.1 Applications. 3

3.2 Real life applications. 3

3.3 Neural network software. 3

3.4 Learning paradigms. 3

3.4.1 Supervised learning. 3

3.4.2 Unsupervised learning. 3

3.4.3 Reinforcement learning. 3

3.4.4 Learning algorithms. 3

4 Neural networks and neuroscience. 3

4.1 Types of models. 3

4.2 Current research. 3

5 References


Computer Security

1.)Computer Security history

2.)Why we need computer security.

3.)What can happen if computers are hacked into.

4.)Examples of hacked computers.

5.)Diffent ways of securing computers.

6.)Focus on computer security tactics in CSRL.

5.)CSRL network setup.

6.)What honeypots do.

7.)Whats Snort(IDS Sensor) does.

8.)How to make sense of IDS sensor alerts, specifically using snortalog.

9.)Explain/define the sorted data in the snortalog report.

10.)The future of computer security.



Thursday: 09/21/06

Research presentations (Proj. II) are due

Written Report 5 to 7 pages

Cover page

Easy to read

Introduction, Sections/subsections (numbered and labeled) Summary,

Cite your sources.


Have your Report well structured

title, name, course, date


1.     Introduction

1.1             sub section1

1.2             subsection2

1.3             .

2. Related work / Background

2.1             subsection1

2.2             subsection2

2.3             .

3. Your work the topic

1.4             subsection1

1.5             subsection2


4. Summary/conclusion

5. References

Power Point Presentation 10 to 15 slides

10 - 15 minutes presentation

Hard copy of the presentation (6 slides per page)

Have your presentation well structured

First page: title, name, etc.

Second Page: Overview/outline/agenda

Body of your presentation

related research topics



Thursday: 09/14/06

Research work Ethics

Finalizing the presentation topic (through communications)

Send the topic and a paragraph about your next research work

Submitted Topics for ProJ. II:

Date Student Topic

9/14/06 Woodroe Thomas Compute Ethics

9/14/06 Charles Padilla Ethics of Software Design Testing

9/21/06 Winston Lynch Computer Cyber Ethics

Thursday: 09/07/06

Self presentations are due (Proj. I)

10 minutes

Hard copy of the presentation (6 slides per page)


Thursday: 08/31/06


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