CSC 490 01 Senior Design

CSC 497 01 Directed Studies Senior Project

CSC 500 01 Research Methods


Fall 2009


All Final Drafts of the presentations and reports are due Tuesdays May 11, 2004.








Csc490 Syllabus

Csc500 Syllabus


 Student Research Day

Abstract submission: October 17, 2008
Acceptance Notification: October 24, 2008
Presentation: February 19, 2009


          All CSC 490 and CSC500 students are required to submit

          an abstract/paper to Student Research day Conference.


Student Research Day Schedule (in progress)



Presentation and Report Format:


Your paper should follow the instructions given in the Format Template





Hard copy of Power point presentations are due at the beginning of the presentation;

Written reports are due at the beginning of the class time;

Points will also be deducted for submitting the materials late or not following the format (listed below):



Graduate (G)

Under Graduate (UG)


          Items                                                           UG    G

Number pages for power point presentations:         ~10 ~15 (10 15 minutes presentations)

Number of pages for written Reports                      6-8    8-10



                   Written Report Format font 10, double spaced

                             Cover page : Title, name, course, date


                             Paper must be Easy to read; have your Report well structured

                                      Introduction, Sections/subsections (numbered and labeled), Summary/Conclusion, and references (Cite your sources).


                                      Sample Format:                                           


1.     Introduction

1.1             sub section1

1.2              subsection2

1.3             .

                                                2. Related work / Background

2.1             subsection1

2.2             subsection2

2.3             .

                                                3. Your work the topic

1.4             subsection1

1.5             subsection2


                                                4. Summary/conclusion 

                                                5. References




ANNOUNCEMENTS and the Semester Schedule


Thursday 12/18/07

The Week of Final Exams


Thursday 12/11/07

Final Presentation and Report Due - Proj #6


Thursday 12/04/07

Literature Search / Preparation

Working on the implementation Proj #6


Thursday 11/27/07

Start working on a Group Project Proj#6

Final Presentation and Report Due - Proj #5


Thursday 11/20/07

Literature Search / Preparation


Thursday 11/13/07

Research Work Detailed Selected Topic - Proj #5

            Presentation and Report


Thursday 11/06/07

           Final Presentation and Report Due - Proj #4


Thursday 10/30/07

Draft of Research work Three Topic Presentation and Report Due - Proj #4


Thursday 10/23/07

            Send the topic and a paragraph about your next research work - Proj #4

Literature Search / Preparation / Questions


Thursday 10/16/07

Research Work

            Progress Report

Student Research Day Abstract Due

           Final Presentation and Report Due - Proj #3



Thursday 10/09/07

Proposal Presentations (Student Research Day):

            1 page written proposals with the name and signatures of Advisor and committee members                               


Thursday 10/02/07

Draft Research Presentation due Proj#3


Thursday 9/25/07

            Ethics Presentation due

            Final Presentation and Report Due - Proj #2


Tuesday 9/16/08

Title for Proj #2

Literature Search / Preparation / Questions


Tuesday 9/09/08

            Self presentations due - Proj #1

            10 Minutes

            Hand in hard copies of the presentation (5 slides per page)


Tuesday 09/02/08



          All CSC 490 students are required to submit an abstract/paper.

Student Research Day - Call for Papers

Thursday February 19, 2009      

Deadline for Submission
October 17, 2008

The annual CSUDH Student Research Day provides a unique opportunity for graduate and undergraduate scholars to share their research or creative projects within a supportive community of peers and faculty interested in promoting scholarship and dialogue focused on the intellectual pursuits of academic work. Undergraduate students anticipating graduate work at either the master's or doctoral levels are especially invited to participate. Based upon an evaluation of presentations, up to 10 students will be invited to present at the annual CSU Statewide Student Research Competition.

For more information see the Student Research Day web site.