CSC 490 01 Senior Design

CSC 497 01 Directed Studies-Senior Project

CSC 500 01 Research Methods


Fall 2009


All Final Drafts of the presentations and reports are due Tuesdays May 11, 2004.








Csc490 Syllabus

Csc500 Syllabus




Presentation and Report Format:


Your paper should follow the instructions given in the Format Template





Hard copy of Power point presentations are due at the beginning of the presentation;

Written reports are due at the beginning of the class time;

Points will also be deducted for submitting the materials late or not following the format (listed below):



Graduate (G)

Under Graduate (UG)


          Items                                                           UG    G

Number pages for power point presentations:         ~10   ~15 (10 – 15 minutes presentations)

Number of pages for written Reports                      6-8    8-10



                   Written Report Format – font 10, double spaced

                             Cover page : Title, name, course, date


                             Paper must be Easy to read; have your Report well structured

                                      Introduction, Sections/subsections (numbered and labeled), Summary/Conclusion, and references (Cite your sources).


                                      Sample Format:                                           


1.     Introduction

1.1             sub section1

1.2              subsection2

1.3             ….

                                                2. Related work / Background

2.1             subsection1

2.2             subsection2

2.3             ….

                                                3. Your work – the topic

1.4             subsection1

1.5             subsection2

1.6             …

                                                4. Summary/conclusion 

                                                5. References




ANNOUNCEMENTS and the Semester Schedule

Wednesday 12/16/09

            WE MEET IN ROOM SAC 2102 ****

Finals 5:30 – 7:30 PM



Wednesday 12/09/09

            WE MEET IN ROOM SAC 2102 ****



Monday 12/07/09

            WE MEET IN ROOM SAC 2102 ****

Final Research Presentation Draft due – Proj#6 (Group Project)


Wednesday 12/02/09



Monday 11/30/09

            WE MEET IN ROOM SAC 2102 ****

Proposal Research Presentation due – Proj#6 (Group Project)


Wednesday 11/25/09



Monday 11/23/09

            *** WE MEET IN ROOM SAC 2102 ****

Final Research Presentation due – Proj#5 – Cont.


Wednesday 11/18/09

Start preparation for Proj#6 – due 12/07/09

Final Research Presentation due – Proj#5 (Single Topic)


Monday 11/16/09



Wednesday 11/11/09



Monday 11/09/09

Proposal Research Presentation due – Proj#5 (Single Topic)


Wednesday 11/04/09

Final Research Presentation due – Proj#4 (Three Topics)


Monday 11/02/09

            Start preparation for Proj#5– due 12/16/09

Final Presentation due – Proj#4 (Three Topics)

(no Draft Presentation is needed for Proj#4)


Wednesday 10/28/09

Research / Proj#4


Monday 10/26/09

            Research / Proj#4


Wednesday 10/21/09

Research / Proj#4


Monday 10/19/09

Final Presentations and Reports –Cont. - Proj #3


Wednesday 10/14/09

Start preparation for Proj#4 (Three Topic Presentation) – due 11/02/09

Select three different Computer Science topics to cover briefly in this project.


           Final Presentations and Reports Due - Proj #3

Security Presentation due


Monday 10/12/09


Security Presentation due

            Final Presentations and Reports Due - Proj #3


Wednesday 10/07/09

Draft Research Presentation – Cont.  – Proj#3


Monday 10/5/09

Ethics Presentation – Cont.  – Proj#2

Draft Research Presentation due – Proj#3 (Security)


Security Topics:
Network Security: Tools, Products, Software

Network Intrusion Detection and Analysis,

Wireless Network Security

Disk Encryption and File Encryption,

Data Loss Prevention,

Database Security Management,

Data Analysis and Classification

Identity Management Technology and Strategy,

Data Privacy and Protection,

PCI Data Security Standard,

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA),

 HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, FISMA, FFIEC Regulations and Guidelines


Operating System Security,

Virtualization Security Issues and Threats,

Securing Productivity Applications,

Software Development Methodology

Malware, Viruses, Trojans and Spyware, Hacker Tools and Techniques: Underground Sites and Hacking Groups, Emerging Information Security Threats, Security Awareness Training and Internal Threats...


Wednesday 9/30/09



Monday 9/28/09

Ethics Presentation – Cont.

          Final Presentations and Reports Cont. - Proj #2


Wednesday 9/23/09



Monday 9/21/09

Start preparation for Proj#3– due 10/12/09

            Ethics Presentation due

            Final Presentations and Reports Due - Proj #2


Wednesday 9/16/09



Monday 9/14/09

            Title for Proj #2 (Ethics)

Literature Search / Preparation / Questions


Wednesday 9/09/09

            Self presentations due - Proj #1

            10 Minutes

            Hand in hard copies of the presentation (5 slides per page)


Monday 09/02/09

            Labor Day


Monday 09/02/09

Start preparation for Proj#2– due 09/21/09

Start preparation for Proj#1– due 09/09/09