CSC 495 01 Senior Design

Spring 2004


All Final Drafts of the presentations and reports are due Tuesdays May 11, 2004.














ANNOUNCEMENTS and the Semester Schedule


Tuesday 05/11/04

----- We will meet in SCC K-144

----- Final draft of the project is due

----- Final draft of Student Presentations are due

----- Hard copies to be submitted: Written Report and Power Point Presentations

----- A copy of your final draft must also be submitted to each committee member.


Tuesday 05/04/04

---- Meeting time is as scheduled.

---- I will see you all in the class at 1:00 PM, on Tuesday May 4, 2004.


Thursday 05/18/04

----3 copies of Final written report (in binding) is due to the department.


Thursday 05/13/04

----Final Presentation and report is due

----There will be a block of 4 hours (1:00 PM 5:00 PM) for students to present their work.

----Each student must schedule a 30 minutes block of time for their presentation (20 -25 minutes of presentation plus 5 minutes of Q/A)

----1:00-1:30, 1:30-2:00, 2:00-2:30, 2:30-300, 4:30 5:00.

----You need to make sure that your faculty advisor and committee members will be available during your presentation

----The Final presentation is open to all CSUDH students and faculty and CS Industry Advisory Members.


Tuesday 05/11/04

----A final draft of your written report is due to your advisor and committee members.


Thursday 4/29/03

----ACM programming contest (1:00 PM - 4:00 PM) @ SCC K-144


Tuesday 04/27/04

----An informal update on you progress report

----Discussion of the ACM activities including the ACM programming Contest for this Thursday follow the link for more info:



Tuesday 04/13/04

----Complete hard copy of work done up to this point singed by your advisor is due

----A copy of timetable signed by your advisor is also due.

----Those students who did not present their Mid-Term Progress Report will present their work.

----Those students who were asked to re-present their work with more information about their specific work also will present their work.


Friday 04/09/04

----STAR VI Symposium is scheduled from 11:00 to 2:00 PM at Student Union. We will have you students from Comp. Science.

----Department presenting in this event. You all are invited to attend the event.

--------------------Click here for: START VI Program




Tuesday 04/06/04

----The Mid-Term progress reports are due.

----You need to give an oral presentation and also a copy of your written report regarding the work that is done up to that day.


Tuesday 03/02/04

----If you are Interested in attending a NASA program and presenting a poster then

-------------------Click here for NASA Awareness Days



Tuesday 02/24/04

----All students MUST provide an abstract to submit to STARS VI Symposium. (DUE date MARCH 5) Read the announcement below for more information.

----Students need to have their advisors review the abstract before being submitted to STARS VI.


------------------Click here for STARS VI ANNOUCEMENT




This is a reminder that the papers for the Annual Student Research Conference are due Wednesday, February 18.




Tuesday: 02/17/04

--Project Time Tables due:

----You are required to submit the time table (the table of contents with the time assigned to each section or chapter on when you expect it to be completed.


----A report on ACM project is also due in the same day. The president of ACM is responsible to provide me with the report.


----The name of officers and Committees, their committee members and their charges for this semester.


----DO NOT forget about the Research Conference (Due Feb. 18). We will also talk about another opportunity for publication called STARS VI. This requires only an abstract and is (due March 5).


----Following week the first progress report is due (Feb. 24)


Tuesday: 02/10/04

--Project Proposals due:

----A one page description of the project you are proposing to do for this semester along with names and signatures of your advisor for the project and the two committee members. The one page proposal should include the following: Title, your name, Course name and number, date, description (500 to 700 words), and names and signatures of the advisor and committee members. You must discuss your proposal with the CS faculty before adding his/her name in your proposal as an advisor; the same applies to the committee members.


Tuesday: 02/05/04

--Project Descriptions due:

----A brief description of project(s) you plan to work for this semester.

----A series of Question and Answers to help students to choose their final topic for the semester project.

----In introduction to ACM and its Activities


Thursday: 01/29/04

----Group project (ACM)

----Individual projects (proposals)