Students Training in Academic Research Symposium VI






11:00   Welcome and Opening Remarks           Dr. Kathleen Walton, Assistant to the President


11:05   Opening Remarks                                 David Gamboa, ASI President             


11:10   College Greetings                                 Dr.  Selase Williams, Dean, CAS


                        Scholar Presentations with Mentor Introductions


Moderator                                Teresa Ramirez, MBRS RISE Scholar


11:30   Kandia Hill                   mTOR Activity in L6 Cells with Different H+ Concentrations                                                           


11:40   Veronica Awan            The Effect of Age of Trauma on Lexical Decision Task


11:50   Mark Castanares          Minocycline, ATtetracycline Deriivative, Suppresses Heat-Induced          

                                                Male Germ Cell Apoptosis in Mice


12:00   Hoang Pham                 Role of Medications as a Precipitating Factor of Ketoacidosis

in Type 2 Diabetic Patients


12:10   Korede Armstrong       Genes Responsible for the Phenotype of Clone 6 Expressed in    

Candida /Agglutination of Clone 6


12:20   Adaeze Okafor Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention


12:30   Tiffany Phan                 Student Advisor Database System (SADS)


12:40   Octavia Askew LIMK 1 and LIMK 2 are Present in Light and Dark adapted Octopus



12:50   Edith Ornelas                Potential Development of Obesity in Growth Restricted Newborns


1:00     Darling Nuņez               Contact and Air-Coupled (Non-Contact) Ultrasonic Attenuation and

Speed for Quantitative Measurements and Imaging of Bone In-Vivo


1:10     Marlo Thomas Virtual Shopping and Makeover E-Commerce Venture


1:20     Kamika Baylor             Metabolic Phenotype in Children and Adolescents At-Risk for Type 2

Diabetes (DM2)


1:30     Presentation                  For Sylvia Morafka


1:40     Closing Remarks          Dr. Thomas Landefeld, Bridges and U*STAR Program Director

                                                Dr. Laura Robles, RISE and SCORE Program Director