Programs Brochure Catalog Prerequisites
BS Computer Science BSCS BSCS BSCS
MS Computer Science MSCS MSCS
BA Computer Technology BACT BACT BACT
BS Information Technology BSIT BSIT BSIT
MS Cyber Security MSCY MSCY

Programs and their emphasis at a glance

Program Track Description Theory Mathematics Coding Hands-On
BACT Professional Focus on a minor Low Low Low High
General Broad coverage in technology Low Low Low High
Homeland Security Focus in Cyber Security Low Low Low High
BSIT Systems and Tools Med Med High High
BSCS Develop Tools/Software High High High Med
MSCS DNS Develop Systems (Adv.) High High Med Med
SE Develop Software (Adv.) High High Med Med
MSCY Focus on Adv. Cyber Security High Low Low High