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 CSC 321- 01                 Programming Languages                      Spring 2009



THE URL OF THIS PAGE IS http://csc.csudh.edu/suchenek/CSC321/

Reminder: Please, no food no drinks in the classroom.

Course Description

PROFESSOR: Marek A. Suchenek, Ph.D.

MEETINGS: MW 5:30 - 6:45 P.M., NSM D-129.

PREREQUISITES: CSC 123 (Intro to CS and Programming) and its prerequisites, with grade C or better.

OBLIGATORY TEXTBOOK. The scope of the course is covered by: Allen B. Tucker and Robert E. Noonan Programming Languages, 2nd Ed., McGraw-Hill (N.Y., NY 2007)

QUIZZES. A number of short quizzes will be administrated during semester. They will be announced one class ahead. One lowest quiz score will be dropped.

MIDTERM. One midterm (60 min) will cover the foregoing material. The midterm is scheduled on April 8. It will earn credit of 0 - 30 points.

FINAL COMPREHENSIVE EXAM (120 min.) will cover the material discussed in class and assigned as readings. The exam is scheduled on Wed. May 20. It will earn 0 - 50 points.

GRADING. The following elements contribute to the total score.

Homework not graded
Programs 0 - 10 points
Quizzes 0 - 10 points
Midterm 0 - 30 points
Final 0 - 50 points
====== =======
Total 0 - 100 points

Course grade will be determined according to the following schedule.

0 - 45% yield F (failing work)
46 - 50% yield D (barely passing)
51 - 55% yield D+
56 - 60% yield C-
61 - 65% yield C (satisfactory achievement)
66 - 70% yield C+
71 - 75% yield B-
76 - 80% yield B (very good achievement)
81 - 85% yield B+
86 - 90% yield A-
91 - 100% yield A (excellent achievement)

Other grades (e.g. incomplete) will be assigned in cases specified by the university regulations.

ASSIGNMENTS. Homework assignments will not be collected or graded. For the needs of course documentation, the midterm and the final will not be returned to the students. For the same reason, programming assignments will not be returned unless submitted in duplicate. Except for permitted use of procedures included in the handouts, each program is supposed to be a 100% individual work, in particular, no form of collaboration or help is allowed. They will be made available during the class following the test and during office hours for the remainder of the semester.

GRADUATE STUDENTS will be notified which assignments they are expected to submit and when these assignments are due.

MAKE-UP POLICY. No make-ups will be given. Late programs will not be accepted. However, one quiz may be missed since the lowest quiz score will be dropped anyway.

ACADEMIC HONESTY. No form of plagiarism (copying) will be tolerated. Violations can result in anything from an F in the course to expulsion from the university.

Please, visit http://www.csudh.edu/srr/faculty.htm for a more thorough explanation of CSUDH Academic Integrity policy.

SCOPE. Students are responsible for material covered by lectures, assigned readings and exercises, and are assumed to preliminarily read appropriate parts of the textbook before the material is covered in class, according to the following syllabus.





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