Dr. Liudong Zuo from Computer Science Department is looking for one or two self-motivated research assistants. His research interests and experience mainly focus on Computer Networks, Big Data Management, and Algorithm Design and Application. His current research emphasizes big data transfer with guaranteed performance by using the bandwidth reservation service in dedicated high-performance networks. The most typical example of such network is ESnet (https://www.es.net/). He plans to extend his research areas to Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition and Data Mining in the near future.

Dr. Zuo is particularly interested in candidates with research experience in network, and strong math, algorithm design and programming background. First year graduate students or seniors who plan to attend the graduate programs here are preferred.

Please send Dr. Zuo (email: lzuo@csudh.edu) your transcript (unofficial is enough), and a simple description of your previous research experience if applicable. An interview might be arranged.

Deadline to apply for this position is Mach. 16, 2016.