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My name is Dr. Marek A. Suchenek. I'm a tenured full professor of Computer Science at the California State University, Dominguez Hills.

I hope you'll find this website of mine interesting and useful. I'm a busy professor trying to enlighten the minds of my students and colleges. In my spare time, I enjoy music, ocean swimming, bike riding, traveling (watch the first part of an upcoming video and
pics), sports car driving (particularly, on German Autobahns) and target shooting.

The areas of my professional expertise intersect with:

• Logical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
• Deductive Data Bases
• Knowledge Representation & Processing
• Real-Time Operating Systems
• Software Correctness, Testing & Verification
• Computability & Undecidability Theory
• Analysis of Algorithms
Mathematical Logic
Applied Mathematics

My favorite paper, representative of some of my past research (it's abstract and very theoretical) is:

Preservation Properties in Deductive Data Bases (1992) (pdf)

My teaching interest included:

• Discrete Mathematics
Data Structures
Operating Systems Concepts
Programming Languages
Analysis of Algorithms & NP-Completeness Theory (my favorite)
• Finite Automata, Mathematical Linguistics, & Decidability Theory
Computers and Society (it is so fun to teach)

My teaching objective is to offer my students a first-hand knowledge of the state-of-the-art of the discipline. I believe that by watching me solve problems in classroom, my students learn what they usually cannot find in their textbooks: how to become successful and creative problem-solvers.

I have learned from some of my former students that this timeless ability they acquired in my classes has greatly enhanced their professional careers.

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